Can Cats See Infrared Light? The Fact Between Infrared Light and Your Friend!

Cats are known for having great vision, especially in low light. But can cats see infrared light? The short answer is NO! Cats cannot see infrared light.

While it is true that cats have excellent night vision, their ability to see infrared light is limited.

In this post, we will answer more of this question and others related between infrared light and your cat.

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What Is Infrared Light?

Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It has farther wavelengths than visible light.

It is produced by all objects with a temperature greater than zero, and the hotter the object, the more infrared radiation it produces.

Infrared light is used in a variety of applications such as night vision technology, remote sensing, and thermal imaging.

It cannot be seen by the naked eye; we may feel part of it as warmth on our skin.

However, some animals, such as snakes or insects can see infrared light using special organs or structures in their eyes or bodies. They use this ability to locate their prey or avoid predators in the dark.

Can Cats See Infrared Light?

No, cats cannot see infrared light because they are sensitive heat sensors.

While cats have many adaptations that allow them to see well in low-light conditions, they are more sensitive to seeing specific wavelengths of light.

Therefore, they cannot see infrared light which is a type of light that is invisible to both humans and cats.

However, cats can have the ability to sense infrared light as heat, using the heat receptors on their skin. Cats have a good instinct for selecting comfortable places to relax or sleep.

Overall, while cats cannot see infrared light, they still have remarkable visual abilities that allow them to find their way and hunt even in total darkness. Cats are truly amazing creatures whose abilities and senses never cease to surprise us.

Can Cats See Infrared Camera Light?

Yes, cats are able to see infrared camera light but it is not very clear. Infrared camera light is the type of infrared light that has a shorter wavelength and does not produce much heat.

Therefore, cats cannot completely perceive it as they do with visible light. Cats might see it as a faint glow but it may not be very noticeable or helpful to them.

However, it is important to notice even if your cat has special eyes to see in dark conditions but your cat is sensitive to light specifical, so their ability to see infrared camera light is also limited.   

Is Infrared Light Harmful to Cats?

Infrared light can be harmful to cats if it is excessively bright or shines directly into the eyes of cats.

While it does not have specific studies on the long-term effects of low-infrared exposure on cats, any creature’s eyes can become damaged if they are overexposed to infrared light since it increases their internal temperature.

Therefore, if you are using devices that emit heat along with infrared radiation, such as heat lamps or infrared heaters, it is important to avoid your cat from coming too close to any of them.

What Animals Can See Infrared Light?

Infrared light can be advantageous for animals who need to hunt or avoid predators in the dark or in dirty water.

There are some animals that might see it:

  1. Snakes have a particularly well-developed ability to detect heat in the dark through their infrared eyesight.
  2. Fish is a highly developed sense, especially for goldfish as they are the only animals in the animal kingdom that can see both infrared and ultraviolet light.
  3. Frogs have eyes that can see infrared light both above and below the surface of the water.
  4. Bats​ have evolved special adaptations to see infrared light. It helps them at night hunting for warm-blooded prey.
  5. Bees also see infrared light. It helps them distinguish warm flowers from cold ones.
  6. Bedbugs have special eyes to detect the beat. This ability helps them to find and feed on their hosts, especially at night time.
  7. Mosquitoes are special receptors that can see the heat by being warm-blooded. It is more active at night and helps to find and eat on their hosts.

However, not all animals can see it, even humans or cats, as it depends on their body temperature and eye shape. Those animals use this ability to survive.

Can Cats See Infrared Light? Finally Thought:

Cats cannot see infrared light, but it does not mean that cats are completely blind to infrared light. Cats might detect infrared light as heat.

While they may not possess the same level as snakes, frogs, fish, and other animals, they possibly have some degree of awareness or sensitivity toward these wavelengths.

Cats also can be harmful from infrared light if it is directly into your cat’s eyes. It is important to avoid your cat if you use devices such as heat lamps or infrared heaters.

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