Do Cats Eat Bread? Is It Safe For Them!

You may have a slice of thick warm bread for your breakfast. It is simple and delicious.

If you want to share it with your small friend, you might be wondering, do cats eat bread?

The simple answer is Yes, some do. Cats will eat bread and some cats may love bread like us. If so, is it safe for cats?

Well, in this article we will explore answers to all of those questions that it might be running through your mind.

Let’s continue to read it!

What is Bread?

Bread is the most popular food for humans. It is made from flour, salt, water, and yeast cooked in an oven.

There are many types of bread, but the two most common are white bread and wheat bread.

The main difference is the portion of the grain used in the flour to make it.

Most 90% of the western world eats it regularly in a variety of ways.

Can Cats Eat Bread?

Yes, they can.  Bread is not killing your cat in a small amount. Some cats really like bread because they can detect the high calories in it.

However, cats are carnivores. It means, they are primarily meat eaters, so bread is not a natural food for them to eat. 

Even bread is not harmful to your cat, but it does not mean they are good for your cat.

So if you want to feed your cat bread, we recommend giving them the white bread with a small amount. Your cat might also be happy with it.

Is Bread Safe For Cats?

Bread is safe for cats to eat, but too much bread can make your cat unwell.

Bread contains a lot of carbohydrates so, cats do not have the digestive ability to consume refined it.

The carbohydrates in bread are fermented by yeast. It’s producing carbon dioxide and ethanol alcohol. It can cause digestive problems, the bloodstream, and other health issues. 

So if you look for good food for your cat, bread is not a good choice to feed them.

It is best to avoid giving your cat bread as it might lead to nutritional deficits and obesity.

Is Bread Toxic to Cats?

Bread is not really bad for cats if you feed them in the correct amount, but the concern is the type and ingredients to make them.

Some types of bread cause digestive issues to upset your cat’s stomach.

So it’s important for owners to avoid some types of them such as bread that contains chocolate, onions, garlic, or grapes since they can lead to your cat’s digestive system or toxic shock.

In fact, bread is no harm to your cat, if you avoid those types that we have mentioned above.

But please keep in mind that bread is not supplying nutrients to them. So you should not give them on a regular basis.

Is It Okay for Kittens to Eat Bread?

The short answer is No! We would not recommend you feed kitten bread.

Normally, kittens should rely primarily on milk (not cow milk) during the first three weeks of their life.

Around 4 weeks, we can start to introduce them to soft food. During this time, kittens also obligate carnivores like other cats. It means, they must eat meat to support their life.

So if you ask, is it OK for kittens to eat bread? The answer is absolutely No!

Bread is not good for them. They are highly carbohydrates that cause your kitten’s stomach. 

Kittens can also get stuck in the roof of their mouth, so they may ​fear while trying to remove it.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to include bread for your kitten. The best way you should keep feeding them is with cat food. Your kitten might be much healthier than bread.


Do cats eat bread? Yes, cats do. Bread is also not harmful to your cat in small amounts.

While the bread is safe for cats, it does not mean it is really good for them. A large amount of bread can make your cat unwell because bread may contain an ingredient that is toxic to your cat. If you are looking for healthy food for your cat, we do not recommend feeding bread to them. Thanks for reading our article carefully.

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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