Do Cats Eat Spiders?

Cats are skilled predators, so they will care for any bugs like spiders when they see crawling around your house.

They help to keep the spider out of your house, so as for this behavior, you might ask yourself do cats eat spiders? The short answer is Yes they do eat spiders.  Some cats may like to eat spiders, but not all cats eat them.

If so, you might consider why your cats eat spiders. Is it fine for cats to eat spiders?

Well, in this post we will put all the related questions between cats and spiders. Let’s talk about it.

Do Cats Like to Catch Or Kill Spiders?

Absolutely yes! Cats are much like catch-kill spiders as they are natural predators. They love a title spider action.

Their natural instinct is to hunt, pounce, and seek out. As the result, they catch and kill when they see a moving, even non-moving creature.

According to my experience, I have one cat who is a true hunter in my house. She likes to catch and kill small bugs.

One night while we were watching TV. She was also there and sit on the sofa with me.

Suddenly, she jumped up and down to catch a spider that was near the sofa as quickly as she did.

After that, I looked at it, but as a result, the spider was already killed by her.

Of this behavior, I can say that cats are crazy to catch and kill any crawly creature not only spiders but also birds, mice, and rodents. They will attack and kill if they have a chance.

Do Cats Scare Spiders?

No, cats are not scared of spiders as they are hunters in the world. They are fully experienced to hunt all the crawlies, not only spiders.

Cats often help keep spiders out of their owner and house. It is the best way of showing us that they are the best hunters and they can protect us from those bugs. So there is no reason that they were afraid of it.

Can Spider Bite Cats?

It is possible for spiders to bite cats although cats’ are experts in hunting skills. Sometimes spiders will try to bite since they do not really want to be a toy.

So if you noted, your cat is bitten by a spider. You need to get them to visit your vet since cats are not pant like a dog. In some cases, your cat might have trouble breathing.

However, not much happens to them since cats are thicker skins than us. So it’s very difficult for the spider to sting it.

Do Cats Eat Spiders?

The short answer is yes. Cats eat everything that they are able to kill, even spiders.

It is in a cat’s nature to eat insects, spiders, mice, birds, and anything that is crawling around.

We may not often see cats eat spiders, since there are not many spiders in their natural predators.

However, they are not all cats that eat them. Some cats have the instinct to attack things that they prefer, but they are not eating them. They do this behavior of their mothers.

So it means that they are killing them just for fun and to improve their hunting skill.

Why Would Cats Eat Spiders?

Some cats would eat spiders because they were able to catch them and they looked tasty.

Cats may be able to taste or smell the taurine content in spiders. It is a substance that cats must have to survive.

While some types of spiders are venomous, and some could kill a cat if they bit your cat, none of them are poisonous if eaten.

In fact, spiders are delicious food. It is not only cats that eat spiders, some humans also eat them. We often see them served fried on street food.

Is it OK for Cats to Eat a Spider?

Yes, cats are perfectly okay from eating a spider. It is not poisonous or venomous to your cats.  Cats often like to eat them.

Spiders are a high source of protein. It also contains taurine, an essential amino acid that cats typically obtain from live food sources in the wild.

However, while most spiders are safe for cats to eat, some cats’ stomachs are likely to reject them, especially those who eat them for the first time. In this case, your cat might upset its stomach.

How to Stop Your Cat from Eating Spiders?

It is hard for the owner to stop them from eating spiders.  Cats are much quicker than us.

So the answer is “we cannot” stop them, but what we can do is grab our cat while it’s trying to catch or kill the spider and quickly move them from that area.

Then open the door to let the spider outside. It is better for both our cat and the spiders.

In addition, we need to look up our house to make sure there are no spiders anymore.

As we know cats are predators, if they capture a spider so cats will kill them, and after they will try to eat them.

So the best way is to try to stop them from killing the spider if at all possible.

Finally Thought:

Do cats eat spiders? Yes, they do. Cats are hunters. They will eat all things that they are able to catch and kill.

Since spiders look so delicious and smell taurine. It is a substance that cats must have to survive.  Spiders also do not harm cats, so some cats might like to eat them.

However, some cats might not eat them, since they kill them just for play or to improve their hunting skill.

We hope this post is helpful to you. Thanks!

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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