Do Cats Really Need Blankets? Fully Explained!

While some cats may enjoy the warmth of a blanket, there are some factors to consider if your cats really need one. Do cats need blankets?

The answer is yes, while cats may not require blankets the same as humans do, they can benefit from having a sense of security and comfort as well as help regulate their body temperature. 

However, it depends on your cat’s individual behavior. Some cats might enjoy the comfort of the blanket while some might not.

This article will look at the pros and cons of providing a blanket for cats and discuss the related question that you might want to know about it. 

What Do Cats Think of Blankets?

We are not sure about all cats, but we talk only about our experience as we have been cat owners for years.

We have three cats in the house and there is one of them that enjoys blankets while two others do not enjoy them.

So, we can say that all cats think of blankets with different thoughts and feelings. 

Some cats might think of blankets as cozy, and comfortable places while others are annoying, suffocating, stressful, and uncomfortable. 

Therefore, it depends on their personality, preferences, and behaviors, which means all cats will react to blankets in a different way.

Do Cats Like to Be Under Blankets?

Yes, some cats do enjoy being under a blanket because it gives them a sense of privacy and security. 

Some cats enjoy being under blankets when they feel stressed or scared since it is the best way to hide themselves and it can help them feel more relaxed and safer. 

However, not all cats like to cozy in blankets. Some cats might prefer to sleep in open spaces or on top of a blanket because it is easy for them to breathe and see everything around them.

So, if your cat shows some sign that they are interested in being under blankets, you can offer it to them.

Remember should don’t provide too heavy a blanket since it can be difficult for them to breathe and move.

Is It Okay to Cover Your Cat Blankets?

No, it is not recommended. Covering your cat with a blanket can be a risk to them. 

As cats prefer their own independence so covering blankets can restrict their movement and it can make them feel stressed or anxious.

Additionally, it may also impair their capacity to control their body temperature appropriately.

In fact, some cats may enjoy being covered with a blanket but it is just for a short period. 

Overall, if you want to provide them with comfort, it is not a good way to cover them with blankets. 

You should offer them the option of snuggling under a blanket or simply lying on top of it, depending on their degree of comfort.

Do Cats Need Blankets When They Sleep?

Cats may not necessarily need blankets while sleeping. 

They could regulate their body temperature in their own way since cats have fur that helps them to control and keep their body warm.

However, it depends on the individual of your cat. Some cats may prefer more warmth and comfort from the blanket when they sleep.

So, it is important to monitor your cat’s behavior and body language, if you prefer to provide your cat with blankets.

You can try to put small blankets on your cat if they try to move out from under the blanket or show signs of discomfort, so it is best to remove the blanket from them.

Below we will discuss more pros and cons of providing a blanket, so if you are not sure that providing your cat blanket is bad or good for them. Please continue to read it. 

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Benefits of Providing Blankets to Your Cat

There are several benefits to providing a blanket to your cat. It also might be the reason that some cats enjoy blankets too.

Privacy and security

Cats are creatures of habit, and they usually prefer private and secure environments.

A blanket can help them to designated private areas and quiet in which they can sleep and relax.  Cats also may feel safe as they nurse their mom when they are kittens.

Cozy and comfortable

Some cats may enjoy warmth by adding a blanket to their body, especially during the winter season or in a cold room. 

As a blanket can provide warmth and comfort for them to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Stress reduction

As we know, cats can get stressed easily even though changing the environment, changing routines, and having other new pets in your house.  

Therefore, cats may enjoy being under blankets because it can help them to reduce their stress with a sense of security, especially during a stressful or challenging situation.

Best hidden place

A blanket is also the best place to hide when they feel scared by something or other animals. It also is a quiet place to retreat from all those difficult situations.

However, all cats have their own uniqueness so they may enjoy blankets for their own reasons. 

Please pay attention to their preference and behavior to verify your cat’s reasons. 

Drawbacks of Providing Blankets to Your Cat

While giving your cat a blanket may be warm and confirm, there are a few factors to consider with it.


As we know, cats have a greater body temperature than us, so covering them in a blanket can cause them to overheat. In this case, it can lead your cat to get stressed and uncomfortable.

Difficult Move

It is most common for cats that they may not like blankets because blankets might restrict their movement.

Cats are quick and active animals, so if you wrap a blanket around their body, it can restrict their movements such as jumping, stretching, or grooming.  

Sleep Quality

Adding a blanket to your cat’s body could disrupt its sleep quality as it may be difficult to breathe if your blanket is too heavy.

How Long Can Cats Breathe Under Blankets?

If your cats like to be under blankets, you might consider how long cats can breathe under blankets. 

Well, cats generally can breathe under blankets for around 15 seconds as the air supply can become limited and the carbon dioxide can increase.  So, they may have difficulty breathing if they stay longer than this.

However, the period of time that cats can breathe under blankets also depends on whether the blankets are made of breathable materials. 

Too heavy blankets are also a risk for them even though they are under a short period of time. 

In fact, even your cat might enjoy being under blankets, but it’s also important for them to have proper ventilation and can easily breathe.

Therefore, it is important for the owner to provide them with a designated blanket that is specifically for them. 

Do Cats Need Blankets? Final Thought: 

Cats do not require blankets like humans, but they can benefit from them such as warmth, comfort, security, reduce stress, relaxation, and sleep well.

While not all cats may enjoy the blanket, it is important for the owner to pay attention to their behavior and body language if you prefer to give them the blanket.

Overall, if your cat has built a bond with a blanket, it can be great for them, so you can provide them with a specific designation. 

Please avoid too heavy blankets as it can risk them to breathe.  

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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