How to Train a Kitten to Sleep in Its Bed?

Cats are not like dogs. The nature of cats is that they prefer to sleep anywhere comfortable and safe.

If you’re a cat owner, you might want them to sleep on their bed, so how to train them to sleep on its bed? There are several things that you can look into to make sure he/his bed is comfortable, and quiet before you train them to sleep on his bed.

In this post, I will put together some information about how to train your felines to sleep on their bed and how to set up your kitten bed to make them interested in sleeping on their own bed.  Let’s talk about it.

How to Set Up Your Kitten Bed to Make Them Interested in Sleep

According to my experience, Cats that I have trained since kitten’s age are easy to train, they do best. But it’s not late if you just start to train your adult cat to sleep in its bed. Let’s start to do it together.

Below, there are a few tips to set up their bed before training them:

The Bed Location

Bed location is the best thing to make your kitten interested in sleep. It is partially for warmth since kittens are small and unable to keep warm on their own.

Heat loss is a serious issue for them to sleep, which is why you should have somewhere your kitten feels safe.

The bed cat area of your house should be a low-traffic area and get a lot of sun during the day, so make sure you choose the right area for them.

Set Up the Cozy Bed

Now you already have a good area for your kid, so the most important thing that you need to do is set up a cozy bed.

Making your little friend a DIY cat bed is a great way to get them interested in sleeping on their bed.

The material you will need

  1. Find a box with a lid (You should choose the small size specifically for your kitten. If the box is too large, they may feel exposed).
  2. Small heating pad
  3. Small blanket
  4. Box cutter

Let’s start to set up the bed for them:

  • Use the box cutter to cut an opening on the wide side of the box.
  • Design the bed box as you prefer
  • Place the small heating pad on the bottom of the box
  • Finally, put the blanket on the heating pad.

Please make sure the box bed is clean with no smell. Cats don’t like strange smell environments. So the new heating pad or blanket brand will smell like the factory or store it came from. You must wash it before introducing a new bed to your kitten. 


How to Train Your Cat on Their Bed

The bed with the good area is already set up as a cozy bed for your kitten. It’s time to introduce your cat’s bed to them.

Introducing Your Cat’s Bed

  • If your cat likes to sleep on your bed, pick them off the bedding and tell them NO! It is not their place even if they don’t know about our words, but they might understand.
  • Give some of the cat’s toys in their bed. Your cat will recognize its bed by the scent of the toys. Please keep the toy for a day, it can make your cat interested in its bed.
  • Give them some favorite treats and praise when your kitten goes to its bed. For example, you can use baby talk to them like “Good boy/girl” and give them special food. It’s the best way to make them feel good about their bed.
  • Do your best to prevent your cat from developing a bad association with the bed. You need to be patient since some cats are hard to follow. Guide them also into good behavior and avoid displaying some profane ones.
  • If they still prefer to sleep with you. You can try the new way by lining the bed with your clothes like your T-shirt. Putting something on its bed that smells like you, will help encourage your cat to use its bed instead of your bed.
  • After you try your best already, but it does not work. Switch up the bed’s location by putting the bed in a place with your cat likes to sleep and try to make the bed more appealing.

Final Words

While sleeping, the cat needs to feel cozy and secure. Before introducing your cat’s bed, a comfortable bed and location are imported to make them interested in its bed.

Try your best as much as you can to build a positive association with the bed by giving them some special treats and praise while the kitten goes to its bed.

Thanks for your reading. I hope this content will help you!

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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