5 Reasons Why Cats Bring You Dead Things

Reasons Why Cats Bring You Dead Things

It is an all too familiar story for owners of outdoor or indoor cats. They might get gifts for their own cat. While some owners receive gifts like toys, others may receive dead mice or birds.

If you are the unlucky owner, you may have probably asked yourself, Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Things?  It’s all about intuition.

Today, in this post, we put all about it. Why they do it, how to prevent your cat from bringing you dead things that will help you in understanding the motivation behind this type of feline behavior. 

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5 Reasons Why Cats Bring You Dead Things

1. It’s All About Prey Drive

As you know, cats are prey. They were born to hunt. It is normal to act out inherent prey-retrieval instinct. It means, they are bringing their kill back to a safe place to eat. 

Although indoor cats have no live prey to hunt, they will substitute a favorite toy, ball, or mouse because it’s all about their nature. All they want is a safe place to eat!

2. Your Cat Love You

Cats are strange. There is no better way to say “LOVE” to their owner than a dead mouse on the bed or on the front door. 

Your cat is trying to do what she thinks is best for you. It is basic to tell you that she loves you and cares about you. 

So, do not become angry with her. She just wants to give you a gift, since it is easy to do. 

3. She wants praise

Your cat brings you dead things, she is simply projecting her natural desire to provide for you.

She wants you to be happy and praise her for the gift since you are a part of her family.

However, if you are not happy about that gift. You should react quietly and praise your cat for those gifts. 

4. Your Cat Is a Proud Beast

According to some behaviorists, cats consider humans as weak on hunters; who are unable to provide for themselves.

She thinks, maybe you have not been paying too much attention to hunting skills. 

When she drops or brings a dead bird or anything at your bed or feet, it is basically to tell you; Yes, “I am the best huntress above all”. Cat is very proud of her hunting skill.  

5. She Is Trying to Teach You

As mothers of cats teach their kittens how to hunt and eat their prey.

It’s possible that domestic cats are doing the same thing! So it is the way to show or teach you how to hunt like them. 

This is why they bring you dead things, she may act out her role mom and teach you because you are a part of their family. 

Do Cats Bring Dead Animals to Other Cats?

Yes, cats offer dead animals to other cats as gifts in order to teach them how to hunt, especially for females. 

She often teaches or feeds their kittens by bringing back dead prey for their kittens to eat as she is the best hunter.

Cats also bring dead animals to provide to their leader to show them that she is successful in “hunting” and back safely. It is a way of showing respect to their leader. 

Do Cats Only Hunt Hungry?

There are a lot of owners who assume that they are hunting because they are hungry, but it is not the only reason. 

Some cats are hunting because they may want to do exercise and improve their hunting skills. 

According to International cat care, they have evolved to hunt out prey whenever they have the opportunity.

It does not mean they are hungry. Therefore they will try to catch prey because they just want to play with them. 

What Time Of Day Cats Hunt?

Cats are usually most active during dusk or nighttime. It is natural hunters that evolved to catch their prey. 

As their instinct tells them that the nighttime is the best time to “Hunt”. Although they live with humans, it doesn’t remove their instinct to hunt. 

How to Stop Cats From Bringing Dead Animals?

If you are not happy with your cat’s “gifts”.  There are some points that you can use to stop your cat from hunting: 

  • Do not allow your cat outside during dark or nighttime. 
  • Give them toys, or a ball to keep your cat busy.
  • Pay more with them, your action can help your cat no time to hunt. 
  • Make sure they are getting enough food. It will be less likely to go for the kill.  
  • Don’t bury something that your cat brings to you, since it will dig it up. Instead, wrap it tightly or put it in the trash, out of reach of your cat and other animals. 

Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Things? Bottom Line: 

Finally, why do cats bring you dead things? Because they love you. They just want to do the best thing for you as a “gift” that they cannot speak out. 

They consider you a part of their family. It is also the way to teach you how to hunt as they do.  

Your cat brings you dead things, it means that they are successful from hunting and back safe. They want to praise their skill.

However, if you are unhappy with those gifts, please keep silent and don’t become angry with them. You can follow the tips above to stop them from hunting.

Thanks for your reading, we hope this article is helpful for you.

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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