Why Do Cats Abandon Their Owners?

Are your cats prone to going missing for a day, two days or more? If your answer is yes, you might want to know the reasons why cats abandon you. This is a very common behavior in cats.

Cats have the freedom to come and go as they please, and they retain many of their natural instincts.

They may look for a new home, if their current one is too noisy, or has irregular feeding times. However, there are many reasons to make them abandon their owners.

Let’s talk about reasons: why do cats run away from home, do cats leave their owners for good as well as how to prevent your cat from running away.

7 Reasons Why Cats Run Away From Their Owners

Cats are territorial animals who follow a strict daily schedule. However, sometimes they abandon their routine and leave their comfort zone, especially is male cats.         

In the following are some reasons that make your cats run away from home:  

Breed: It is the main reason to make your cat leave you, especially with male cats seeking out a female cat during the reproductive period.

Environment: if your cat is mistreated by other cats, dogs, or kids/adults, they will leave and find something better.

Lack of consistent food supply: Your cat will leave you, if someone or your neighbors who have fed or love them.

Hunting: Cats may also be enticed to pursue prey or expand their hunting range.

Return to the wild:  Naturally, a domestic cat’s wild trait leaves a good home and lives in the wild because it is more natural for them.

Disease: Your cat may have been attacked by other animals that make them acquire disease or die, and they cannot return.

Stress:   It is another common reason to make your cat run away. If you are moving house or welcoming a new pet or even just loud noises. These things can cause anxiety or stress, they might refer to seeking refuge elsewhere.

Do Cats Leave Their Owners For Good?

Cats often have second homes where they go for food and attention on a regular basis. So do cats leave their owners for good?

Not all, some cats leave home, it does not mean they are rejecting or abandoning their owner; it’s just like they enjoy hanging out with a friend.

However, it all depends on the individual’s situation, if your cat met some cause as I have mentioned above.  It might be that they leave you for good.

Why Do Male Cats Run Away?

Male cats run away for different reasons, but there are two reasons that are the most common for male cats to run away from home.

1.Territorial disputes

Male cats are territorial. If a tom cat’s pet lives in territory that is ‘owned’ by another tom, he has two options: win the territory or move.

2. The desire to mate

I have noticed that my cat leaves home for a day or a few weeks at a time pursuing a female in heat, and then he returns home as if nothing had happened.

Do Female Cats In Heat Run Away?

Yes, usually male cats are the ones who travel to find receptive females, but when they are in heat, female cats will leave home and do whatever to find a mate for days.

Sometimes she comes back pregnant. Although I don’t know for sure until she starts to grow a belly.

We can know that our cats are in heat by their constant meowing or making weird sounds.

How To Stop My Cat From Running Away?

–      Train your cats back home

–      Train your cats to respond or come when you call them

–        Keep your cats indoor

–      Set up a comfortable place for him in the house, as well as a few scratch boards.

–      Track your cats with GPS cat tracker

–       Provide your cats with enough food, water and toys.

–      Give her/him a lot of love and attention

–      Use a harness and leash when taking your cat outside.

Final Thought: Why Do Cats Abandon Their Owner?

Cats have much more freedom than dogs. They do not really abandon their owner, they just enjoy being with their friends.

In some cases, it depends on your cat’s situation. They run away because of some reasons such as stress, breed (male cats), hunting, environment, food, sickness, etc.  

However, if your cat has already run away from home and has come back. You should keep her/him indoors and stop them by following how to stop your cats from running off on above to prevent your cats from running away again.

Please give them more love as much as you can. I hope this article will help you!

Daney Hak

I’m a passionate cat mom and pet lover. Apart from being a cat owner, I’ve spent many years of my childhood around them. In my experience, I’ve learned the importance of understanding your cat to be able to cater to them adequately. Thank you so much for your time.

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