Why Do Male Cats Kill Their Kittens?

Male cats are known to be aggressive and territorial, but why do they sometimes kill their own kittens?

While it is difficult to understand why male cats would kill their own offspring, there are several possible explanations.

Male cats may kill their kittens for a variety of reasons, such as to protect their territory, to compete for resources, or simply out of instinct.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about the reasons why male cats kill their kittens, as well as how to prevent it from happening.

Will Male Cats Kill Their Kittens?

Yes, male cats will kill off kittens but depend on their own cats.

As we know, cats are one of the most effective predators in the world. Naturally, they like to catch or kill other animals, so it is not uncommon for them to kill their own kittens.

Males or females do not have a maternal instinct. They may kill extremely young kittens simply because they resemble prey.

Male cats are known to be territorial. Sometimes they can become aggressive toward other cats, including their own kittens.

In this case, they may kill their kittens when they see a kitten as a threat to their territory. These behaviors are the outcome of their instinctual drives.

However, not all male cats will kill off their kittens. Some males might care for and love their kittens as humans do.

Reason Why Male Cats Kill Their Kittens

Male cats kill their own kittens for different reasons. Below we will talk about all possible reasons that are the most common for male cats to kill off kittens.

Nature Instinct

Male cats and kittens are natural predator animals. Cats are born for hunting or killing small things or other animals for survival in the wild.

It is normal behavior for some male cats to kill their own kittens since the kitten is little and looks like prey.

Sexual Behavior

Some male cats may kill their own kittens to induce their queen to come into heat.

While a nursing cat will not go into heat until she weaned the cubs.

So the main reason male cats might try to kill the kitten is that they are interested in mating with their queen.

Territorial Conflicts

Cats will have a safe zone in which they will consider their territory, especially male cats.  They will limit it to a full house or garden.

As a result, they will fight or kill other cats or animals if they think that those animals are a threat to their territory, even their own offspring.

To Reduce Competition for Food

Cats are obligate carnivores so they need to eat meat to support their life. In this case, male cats might kill their young kitten, since kittens are very easy for them to kill and eat afterward.

It is similar to a wild lion’s feelings of pride and it may also happen when food supplies are limited.

However, it doesn’t just happen to male cats; occasionally, mom cats starve soon after giving birth and are too exhausted to look for food.

So moms will kill and devour one or more of their own kittens, but it might happen only with feral cats.

How to Protect Kittens from Male Cats?

As we know, kittens are vulnerable to male cats.  They can be at risk when they live in the same environment.

It is important for the owner to protect kittens from male cats, especially when they are too young.

In the following, there are several tips on how to protect kittens from male cats:

Secure Kittens Environment

A secure environment is very important for both moms and kittens.

During this period, moms and kittens are required to have a safe and private place where their kittens are undisturbed.

The stressful environment also makes moms not feel safe and accidentally harms their kittens.

Keeping Them Separated

The best way, you should keep them separate and preferably quiet until the kittens are old enough.

Having male cats or other cats around even any humans, it can make their mom feel uncomfortable and deal with stress.

Monitoring Their Interactions

After you provide them with a secure place, please keep a monitor on them.

To be sure both moms and kittens are healthy. It also can help kittens immediately, if they are abandoned by their mother.

In fact, if the mother is too young, she may not develop material skills or maybe confused after birth.

In this case, she starts to figure it out and leaves their kitten alone. It is an opportunity for male cats to kill their cubs.

Provide Them with Enough Food

It is on your response, you must be sure that you provide your cats both males and moms, with enough food at all times.

While they are full, they will be less likely to kill and eat other animals, especially their own kittens.

What Age Are Kittens Safe Around Male Cats?

Kittens are really cute and may provide a lot of joy to any home. So it is very important for you to keep them safe from adult male cats.

Male cats usually kill or eat very young kittens around one day old to three weeks old.

The best recommendation, you should keep kittens away from adult male cats until they are 8 weeks to 4 months old.

At this age, kittens are a little bit bigger and less vulnerable at this time than before.

Although they might not be the best fit for adult cats, they may have the amount of energy to run off from them.

Kittens of this age also can play and interact with adult cats at much less risk to them.

Do Father Cats Care About Their Kittens?

Yes, of course, some father cats care about their kittens, it depends on the personality of the male cats. Some male cats do have a maternal drive.

Father cats are known to take an active role in caring for their kittens and even provide protection from potential dangers. They love and care for their kittens as humans do.

More often than not though, male cats are nurturers and watch and play with kittens. They also will be benevolent to kittens, whether they are the sire or not.

This is especially true if they come from loving homes and they are well-fed. They will not see the kittens as future food competitors.

Why Do Male Cats Kill Their Kittens? Final Words

All in all, cats are the true predator. It is normal for some male cats to kill their own kittens.

This behavior can be caused by their nurture instinct, territorial conflicts, being sexually active, and competition for their food.

However, not all male cats will kill their kittens. Some male cats do have a maternal instinct. They care for and provide protection for their kitten from potential dangers.

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