Why Does My Cat Touch My Face? 12 Common Reasons

Why Does My Cat Touch My Face

Were you laying on the couch, enjoying your favorite TV show and suddenly your cat bounced up on you and started touching your face? Or it’s habitual for your cat to touch your face?

If you are wondering Why your cat pat on your face? We have got the answer for you. Well, it seems odd, but it is most likely to communicate a message to you! Humans tend to respond quicker on touch rather than on calling out.

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12 Reasons Why Does My Cat Touch My Face?

There can be many reasons for your cat to touch your face. Cats touch your face to show friendliness, claim possession, or mark their territory. Most commonly, it is a loveable gesture for showing affection.

There can be a variety of other reasons your cat could be touching your face. So, let’s learn about those.

1) To Seek Your Attention:

We all know cats need attention. Every cat owner pays attention to his cat’s desires and takes care of all the necessities.

But a lot of times our cats put their feet on our faces to seek additional care and attention. Not everyone loves this act, some people get annoyed when their cat touches their face.

If your cat puts paws at your face, it is most likely to grab your attention

Who doesn’t like cuddles? Some cats love when you keep an eye on them. So, if your cat puts paws at your face, it is most likely to grab your attention.

2) To Scent You:

Cat’s feet have scent glands. When your cat touches your face or kneads you, she transmits scents onto you in this manner. The reason behind this act will amaze you. They do this so that when you interact with other cats, they would know that you belong to them.

Transferring scents and scratching things are similar behaviors for cats to mark their territory. It is a sweet gesture to show affection and claims that they OWE you.

You should be grateful that your cat doesn’t scratch your face like the carpet to declare ownership.

3) Your Face Is the Closest Body Part to Touch:

When we pick our cats up the floor, our face happens to be the closest body part for their paws to touch. Similarly, if she is laying with you in bed, she will reach your face lovingly because that is nearby.

Please her with some cuddles and she will definitely stop the act. In contrast, a cat laying in your lap or resting in your arms will not touch your face.

4) To Show Hunger or Get Something:

Most of the pet parents say it is very common for cats to touch their faces when they need something in particular. For example, when the cat wants you to give her more snacks or food.

Your cat can also want you to open the door for her so that she can go out of the room

Your cat can also want you to open the door for her so that she can go out of the room, or ask you to give her a toy that’s out of her reach. Unfortunately, she can order everything simply by touching your face.

5) To Wake You Up:

Cats love to give us love knocks on our body and it is not always as sweet and gentle as we think. Most of the cats become so mad when the owner is sleeping and especially if it’s their meal time or they are feeling bored.

The common ways a cat might use to wake you up are howling in your ear, or swathing the tail over your nose, or simply jump onto your tummy!

You are quite lucky if your cat uses its gentle paws to wake you up and wants you to spend time with her. It’s probably the nicest way of saying get up rather than all of the above I mentioned earlier. Trust me, those are super unpleasant sensations when you are enjoying a good sleep.

6) To Play or Show You Something:

In this case, cats don’t always touch your face. They often hold your leg or nibble on your feet and ankles to get your consciousness towards something. She will possibly be feeling playful and want you to be her fun partner.

If you think this is actually what she needs, you can try to offer her some sort of self-playing toys. It will be a great help for you when you are busy or simply don’t want to play.

7) To Maintain Personal Space:

Like humans, pets enjoy maintaining their personal bubbles at times when they feel low or unenergetic. It might possible for your cat to put her paws on your face to show annoyance.

8) To Distant You:

All of us love those cute little snouts from our furry friends when they are laying in a comfy bed with us. We cannot resist kissing them. As much as cats adore being loved, they sometimes do not appreciate a lot of kisses or nose boops.

Your cat is most likely to put her paws on your face while cuddling to just keep you away

Your cat is most likely to put her paws on your face while cuddling to just keep you away. Don’t take this to your heart as if she doesn’t love you. Maybe she wants to take some relaxing gaps in between.  

9) To Develop Trust:

This may shock some of you, but cats don’t automatically trust everyone. You have to get their trust. It’s easier in the case of kittens as compared to adult cats.

If you adopt a cat, it takes time for your cat to accept you as a new owner and being comfortable with you. She might place his feet closer to your mouth to make sure you won’t bite or harm her. Remember to pass this test to claim guardianship!

10) To Express She Trusts You:

Cats may place or stretch their paws at your face while they are asleep. It’s a childlike behavior a cat show to those she is most comfortable with. It’s a big thing if your cat trusts you and feels safe to be with you.

It’s high admiration that your cat believes you will not do anything that can harm her while she is sleeping. It is a perfect sign of a true bond between you and your cat.

11) To Stretch Her Feet:

Cats love to stretch their feet on things that feel soft and comfortable. So, why not your face? It may feel soft, warm, and comfortable to rest her paws on your cheeks!

Like us, they enjoy holding relaxed positions. Remember they don’t do this with a motive to annoy or bother you.

12) To Make You Keep Petting:

It’s super pleasing for your cat when you cuddle, head rubs on her back, tail, and ears, or scratch on her chin. She knows it’s your way of showing affection and care.

You will notice at times when you pause while petting her, she will touch your face to let you know that she is loving it

You will notice at times when you pause while petting her, she will touch your face to let you know that she is loving it and you should keep doing it a little longer.

Why Does My Cat Touch My Face? Conclusion:

People think cats do not show emotions, but the fact is they do. Cats are affectionate by nature. Touching your face is a way to show love and warmth.

However, they can do this for several other reasons like showing boredom and hunger, or maybe no reason at all.

Irrespective of their intents, you should enjoy the company of your feline friend and not get annoyed with her efforts to develop a strong and lasting bond!

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